Movie Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (2006) download free

Movie Mortal Kombat: Armageddon download free! Book Title: Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
Directors: Martin Stoltz
IMDb Rating: 8.0
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Action, Horror
Release Date: 2006-10-09
Stars: David Allen,Johanna Añonuevo,Chase Ashbaker

Full movie description "Mortal Kombat: Armageddon":

Throughout the Mortal Kombat universe, the warriors were growing too strong and numerous for the realms to handle. The warriors' powers threaten to utterly destroy the fabric of the MK universe. Utterly, every warrior that was either good, evil, or neutral fought each other in a single battle royal that would threaten to rip apart reality. Without warning, a pyramid rises from the ground, and the tip bursts into flames, attracting the warriors' curiosity to see what it was. Everybody fought each other to get to the top, while Blaze revealed himself to the combatants. The fire spawn was created by the Elder Gods to destroy as many fighters as possible in order to save the realms from Armageddon. This would be the warriors' last battle, their last chance to prove that they are worthy of surviving, while many others will perish. This will be the final battle for Mortal Kombat, the battle that will determine the fate of the realms...

Movie Mortal Kombat: Armageddon download free

Reviews of the Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

After many seasons, the realms are now on the brink of Armageddon(I guess spelling wasn't the last victim). One last tournament will take place, and the winner will end the existence of all things... wait, what? Uh... yeah, as far as I understand, that's the idea. Real incentive, huh? Anyway, the last round will be against Blaze. Also, the Konquest mode has Taven(...I dunno, ask someone who knows about these) awaken and given a quest to gather some gifts his parents left for him and use them to defeat aforementioned fire-being, along with replacing all C's at the beginnings of words with K's. The story is kinda meh, and it's pretty easy to tell that they put it together just to take you through the different areas and have you go up against various of the known warriors. There are 9 levels(Jungle, Airship, Arctic, Temple, Krimson Forest, Mountain, Spire, Fortress, Ruins) at around an hour apiece. It's entertaining(if kinda repetitive... and really unnecessarily frustrating near the end) action-adventure with frequent checkpoint saves keeping you from redoing all that much, going up against groups(sometimes with a picked-up temporary weapon, including a lightsabre(!) that you can do varied attacks with), sometimes knocking them into their death(on a spike, into flames, etc.), dodge traps, control the camera(good thing, cuz you need it a *ton*) and you will sometimes enter a regular match. Once you do it once, you can get a lot of the unlockables(media, outfits, arenas, movies, etc.) with the coins you earned in it, taking some away from that encouragement to replay this. There is also Motor Kombat(think Mario Kart lite... it could have been a lot bigger, really... it's kinda... OK at best) for up to four human players(split-screen), with five places(some have cool stuff you have to avoid), there are ten people(Baraka, Bo' Rai Cho, Cage, Cyrax, Jax, Kitana, Mileena, Raiden, Scorpion(and his special ability, that all of these have, is inferior to something in first Lego Racer(no, really)), Sub-Zero), you can bump into the others to shove them, and you will die bloodily(this is as violent, gory, and somewhat as brutal as it can get away with... enemies can be torn apart, have their heart forcibly removed, heads will be ripped off or turned 180 degrees horizontally, etc.) if you hit a wall hard. You turn the Wii-Mote(that you use the gesturing of to execute unique attacks; you can also use the classic controller or the Gamecube one with this) sideways to use as a steering wheel, like others for the console. Endurance mode kinda speaks for itself... keep going until you can't any longer. And Arcade, of course, and it's relatively short. There are a ton of characters... 60+, indeed. You can also Kreate(*rolling my eyes*) them, well, one per profile(Koded... make it stop, please), I think, and there is a *lot* of customization(not to the rules of this, for some reason) to it, appearance, style, etc. All of them have a mêlée weapon each(or a pair of them... or four, if they have that many arms and thus purchase and require a larger quantity of deodorant), and you can go back and forth between using it and going with martial arts any moment you want to. You can string Fatalities together... it's kinda boring and gets old real fast, because everyone has the same ones. The music is well-done and always fits, some techno and heavy metal, sometimes swift, menacing, etc. You can move in all three dimensions, but you'll mostly accidentally jump or duck, screwing up what you're trying to do. It's nice that there are layers to where you take on the others, and that you can toss a foe to a lower one. Most cut-scenes are in-engine, and even more frequently, they cop out further by just giving you a text description of what is supposed to be going on(the CGI opening is cool, if powerfully overdone, incredibly excessive in what happens and the measure of what happens to or for every of the ones you see in detail in it). The fights are fast and intense, with rather nifty moves and a nice amount of freedom(block, counter, and everything I've already mentioned in this review). I'm going to set myself up for an enormous bit of written punishment and say that frankly, I prefer Tournament of Legends to this(and it doesn't make a huge difference that it came four years later, it's for the same machine), in that it is immeasurably less unfair, and everyone in that is equal. Strong? Slow. Quick? Weak. And a middle ground class. And the motion sensor use in that is greater by an unmentionable rate. It is immersive, as games for the Wii are supposed to be(I mean, if they aren't, you'll want to go for another Next Generation one... they have superior graphics, an area that is passable in this with a few glaring misses). The controls are another aspect where this doesn't measure up to it. Anyway, the tone is dark and bleak, with hellish settings, though there are ones that don't go as emo. I think this is made for those who have stuck with this franchise for a while... I haven't played any of the others(certainly not at length, and usually on PC, and if you've ever had the misfortune of trying something like this with a keyboard, you know my pain), I know nothing of the background, the universe, these guys and gals and... whatever the heck Goro and his ilk are. Also, you'll want to get this for the core portions, not the car aspect and the like, those are pretty phoned in and beaten mercilessly by the competition that focuses on what they do. They presumably merely went for those to have something new to put on the cover. I recommend this to any fan of the series(and to those who love VG's like this), as it is a fun entry if not without its flaws(obvious and hidden alike). 7/10

Movie Mortal Kombat: Armageddon download free

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Movie Mortal Kombat: Armageddon download free

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