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Movie Scandal Dog-Whistle Politics download free! Book Title: Scandal Dog-Whistle Politics
Directors: Zetna Fuentes
IMDb Rating: 8.5
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Release Date: 2015-10-15
Runtime: 44 min
Stars: Kerry Washington,Scott Foley,Darby Stanchfield

Full movie description "Scandal Dog-Whistle Politics":

While Olivia lays low because of the media coverage about her and Fitz. Fitz tries to deal with a Senator who has the power to take him down. Mellie is asked by female politicians to join them in their bid to impeach Fitz. Quinn asks a former client if he would like to work at OPA. And when it's clear the media won't back down he and the others come up with a plan to deal with them. Jake goes to Rowan to ask him about the fire at the Louvre; Rowan denies any knowledge about it. Jake sets out to find out; he goes to Paris and brings Charlie with him. Charlie contacts someone who can help them but it turns out Jake knows this person.

Movie Scandal Dog-Whistle Politics download free

Reviews of the Scandal Dog-Whistle Politics

Season 5 of Scandal started with its biggest 'scandal', and the past 3 episodes was just like preparing for a complete new level of Scandal.

This episode was truly amazing; it showed us some real politic plot lines (which is we wanted to see this since Season 3), some old-time-style OPA problem-solving, a new Gladiator (which is the most great thing since Harrison died and Abby went to WH), some realistic media-speculation and of course, some sweet Olitz moments. And let's not forget; we have finally a new person for Jake!

OLIVIA AND FITZ: The press is digging up dirt on Olivia, photographers are taking pictures of her and people are writing terrible things about her (even some of them made a porn themed Olitz) now Olivia is so unhappy about this situation because she never felt this way before. I liked this situation actually because we had to see her in bad situations too, she can't always be the fixer, right?

QUINN AND OPA: At the same time, while Olivia was under a lot pressure, Quinn took over OPA, and hired and old client for the company. We know this guy from last season. First he didn't want the job but after that he said he needed cash, so he took the job. And he did an amazing job with handling the press: he did this with a new strategy, he called it 'Dog-Whistle Politics'. Anyway, I hope they won't push him so hard to become Harrison 2.0 because he can't, but I think we'll like him.

JAKE AND ELISE: Meanwhile, Jake and our old buddy Charlie went to France to do some mysterious B613 things, and we met a woman named Elise and she turned out - surprisingly - some old 'contact' of Jake's. Okay, here's what we know: Jake isn't his real name. And Jake and this woman used to be married and she was supposed to meet him at Grand Central Station years ago. To him, she never showed, but apparently Elise just showed up late. Really late. Jake grieved for her, thinking she was dead, and she fumed for years, thinking he didn't wait for her. Later on in this episode, a man comes to her apartment and they both end up shooting each other (of course). Immediately, Elise sent to the hospital and after that, Jake asked her to come back to the States with her. Yay! We have a new person for Jake! This is great because we all have been so sicked about those Olivia-Fitz-Jake love triangle, right?

CYRUS AND MELLIE: Mellie called to a secret Senate sorority meeting, in which a table of female Republicans and Democrats explain how the Senate really works. The reason they've called Mellie there is because they wanted to impeach Fitz and they wanted to make sure she's okay with it. But she wasn't so sure yet. So Cyrus tried to push her to do this, he said if she'll do that she can win the 'Oval'. Mellie asked him why he wanted to do this so much, because she's the one married to him, after all. And then he said that Fitz was like a son to him, and Mellie's son was death but his was alive and breathing, so he wanted to fix him. But this words made Mellie angry, she said "get out" and then our Cyrus-Mellie duo split up. I'm wondering how Mellie will handle being alone in this race.

FITZ AND MELLIE: In one scene, Mellie entered her old room and saw Fitz and their baby playing hide and seek. This was such and adorable and heart breaking scene, she told him if he wouldn't hurt her, she wouldn't hurt him too, that means Mellie won't impeach him after all he did. Sometimes, I'm so sad for Mellie, I wish Andrew and she could have more time together, she was happy with that guy.

FITZ AND OLD-DOGS: Fitz called in the old boys in the Senate to talk quid pro quo: if they don't impeach him, he would help them out with campaigns and all that stuff. But they weren't that fool: they wanted him to get rid of the Equal Pay Act and Brandon's Bill (Brandon's Bill, we'll remember, was meant to be Fitz's legacy.)

FITZ AND ABBY: Fitz is so angry to Abby, he wanted to fire her but he can't because it would cause some eyebrows to raise. Anyway, he doesn't like her, but still he thinks she can be helpful for him because she's kinda young-Olivia-Pope. So he asked her about the Brandon's Bill and she told him to do the right thing, so Fitz isn't giving up on Brandon's Bill- for now.

OLIVIA AND FITZ, 2: In the end, Fitz came into the Olivia's apartment and hold her hand, he said "I'm taking out my girlfriend on a date." Now, public knows they are real, Olivia didn't fool him. Olitz is official now. Now, how will Olivia handle being president's girlfriend in public? I'm so excited for next's week!!

Movie Scandal Dog-Whistle Politics download free

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Movie Scandal Dog-Whistle Politics download free

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